After being arrested for Murray's murder, Joker smiles in the back seat of a police car at the sight of the carnage he has sparked, but he winds up unconscious after a stolen ambulance slams into the vehicle. So it was really important for us to make sure the audience connects with him first and foremost as a human being. most controversial mainstream film of 2019, Brilliant and Unforgettable, ‘Joker’ Borders on Genius. The cinematographer recently chatted with Observer about how he approached this origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime, his rapport with Phillips, and why he didn’t set out to make a comic book movie at all. He’s gonna come in, he’s gonna close the door and then just between our A operator, who is amazing, and Joaquin [Phoenix], let’s just let them figure it out in real time. Did you use any visual clues to differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy? Throughout the film, Arthur proves himself to be an unreliable narrator with a delusional knowledge of self regarding the quality of his comedy and an entire hallucinated relationship with the girl next door, Sophie (Zazie Beetz).

Because some actions are shown to be fantasy means you cannot take Arthur’s POV at face value.

It just wasn’t our intent. Oscar-nominated Hollywood filmmaker Todd Phillips has worked on a range of movie genres, but his latest hit "Joker" broke a box office record and set a high bar for awards season. Director Todd Phillips’ character study imagines the origin of the classic Batman villain in a retro Gotham City. The world of Arkham Asylum that once housed his mother appeared very much aligned to Gotham’s gritty and crumbling aesthetic. You’ll recognize something is not quite as good as it should be based on your plan. You want to plan everything because you want to get off to a good start and you put some of the ideas forward so you can see if it sticks.

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