Jean Genet (the subject of Haynes' previous film, Poison, and the putative inspiration for the title of Bowie's song "The Jean Genie") is referred to in imagery and also quoted in dialogue. Both of them brought a punky and distinctly American grittiness to the London glam rock scene. And check it out, Haynes even decked Molko out in a little top hat! Die Protagonisten werden als eine Art „Reinkarnation“ Wildes charakterisiert, indem sie nach und nach die Brosche Wildes finden und einander stehlen oder weitergeben. Maxwell Demon war außerdem der Name der ersten Band von Brian Eno, der in den späten 1970er Jahren mit David Bowie zusammengearbeitet hatte. Eventually, Stuart confronts Tommy Stone and once again encounters Wild, who casually passes on a piece of jewelry from Oscar Wilde. [2], Velvet Goldmine received mixed to positive reviews from critics. He considered her not just an employee but a friend, writing the song “Never Let Me Down” about her in 1987, and leaving her $2 million after his death. It Got Raw.

So really, Marc Bolan’s most important role in Velvet Goldmine is the hole left by his suspicious absence. As he gets closer to the truth of where Slade is now, Stuart is suddenly told by his editor that the story is no longer of public interest, and Stuart has now been assigned to the Tommy Stone tour, which coincidentally is Brian Slade's new identity. Schon vor Beginn der eigentlichen Handlung wird eine Parallele zu Oscar Wilde gezogen, die sich in Form eines Schmuckstücks, das Wilde zugeschrieben wird, durch den ganzen Film zieht. In it, Haynes thanks the fansites for helping him compile the notes for the commentary.[20]. Some say there’s a smidge of Marc Bolan woven into Brian Slade. Der Film dichtet ihm nicht nur einen albernen weißen Anzug und eine bizarre Bob-Geldof-Frisur an, er stellt ihn auch als politischen Reaktionär dar, der einen als faschistoid dargestellten amerikanischen Präsidenten lobt. At the beginning of his career, Slade is married to Mandy. Wild hat gerade keinen Vertrag mehr und Slade bietet ihm an, eine Platte mit ihm in England aufzunehmen. They had some strong ideas but they were not what you’d call prone to verbosity. That moment is more famously based on a real incident, but Bowie performed the act (ahem) on then-guitarist Mick Ronson, with whom there have never been any rumors of off-stage involvement. And yet, Jack is never even seen performing, let alone making an ass of himself, sliding into the well worn grooves of pathetic rock and roll cliches like all of his progeny. Am Schluss findet der Journalist auf nicht ganz nachvollziehbaren Wegen heraus, dass Brian Slade seine Identität gewechselt hat. Gleichzeitig ist der Filmtitel auch eine Hommage an Lou Reeds Band The Velvet Underground. "[3], In a retrospective review, Slant Magazine's Jeremiah Kipp gave Velvet Goldmine four out of four stars and said that, although unsupportive critics may be "terrified of a movie with so many ideas", the film successfully shows a "melancholic ode to freedom, and those who fight for it through art", because of Haynes' detailed imagery and the cast's "expressive, soulful performances". The album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars tells a similar story of a rock star gone over the edge, and culminates in his assassination. First, there’s the scene that alludes to Mandy finding Brian and Curt asleep together in the nude. It’s a very weird, very special, movie. But he and Bowie nonetheless weren’t a great fit, and Bowie dumped him after he charted with “Space Oddity” much the way Brian jumps ship after recording his own first hit, “The Ballad of Maxwell Demon.” Additionally, if Pitt’s own descriptions of Bowie in his 1983 memoir are anything to go by, he did appear to harbor an unspoken attraction to his protege that we see implied in the film. Sandy Powell received a BAFTA Award for Best Costume Design and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Characters in the film credit Jack with damn near inventing the glitter rock scene before the rest of them caught on, providing them all with fodder for their own inspiration or plagiarism. The vignettes show both Wild and Slade becoming increasingly difficult to work with as they become more famous. They had to learn to spend money, and spend it in the right way.”. Velvet Goldmine exercises creative license with its central romance However, two scenes in Velvet Goldmine cram even more real life figures into the Curt Wild composite. The name of the lead character, Brian Slade, is an allusion to the 1970s glam band, Wild's backing band, The Rats, shares its name with one of, The scene where couples are shown walking into the Sombrero Club on New Year's Eve 1969 is similar to a shot of people entering a party from Welles' film, Maxwell Demon's guitarist shares his name, Trevor, with Bowie's, "Venus in Furs" is a reference to a Velvet Underground, Much of the script consists of quotations from various works of, The "pantomime dame" from the vaudeville troupe is played by influential dancer, The little girl on the train is reading ", "The Ballad of Maxwell Demon" contains the lyrics: "The boys from Quadrant 44 with their vicious metal hounds never come 'round here no more," referencing, The scene near the middle of the film that portrays Slade and Wild about to make love as, Padva, Gilad. Lou Reed is the one who underwent electroshock therapy as a teen in order to “treat” his homosexual tendencies. 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