I have tried battling him numerous times in True Arena. Blobs that can possess and be a swordsman with more blobs at his back, are much stronger. He has a lot of phases, and in the middle of those phases you go in a mini-dungeon.

ZERO TWO IS EPIC His theme is EPIC he is EPIC dark matter is EPIC his design is EPIC the battle is EPIC plus he has some tricky attacks for beginners when I first fought him I was dying 54 times in a row. And then there's the scene that unfolds at the end (I hate that scream. A utter pain in the neck.

Top Ten Ways to Control Internet Addiction, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. My best friend had this game and keeps telling me how hard he is. The first phase takes away your copy ability and the second destroys you. After you die, you need to defeat dedede all over again. She kinda loses the surprise factor since Marx was really the first boss to ever come back as an undead boss at the end of True Arenas. It's genius. 6. Yes! you have to be fast on this part so you can get more damage on him. And the master sword deals very small damage to him. And NOT the gba version, but the NES version. He gives you weak abilities.

Despite this, I like the boss. He has so much health you are put under a time limit to beat him!

They put him as a secret boss in Star Allies after you beat Soul Melter EX with all abilities. You never know what's coming next, your only hope is either Yo-yo for the invincibility or Plasma for the charge shot, even then you'll have a hard time if he uses his good attacks, which are almost all of them. All you have to do is stay in left corner and he will rarely hurt you. So, it seems hard. He can shoot lasers from his eye semi-bullet hell style, ram into you at fast speeds, and shoot lightning bolts from his eye, and did I mention that this fight has a maximum time limit of 2m and 5s! The number of phases is really annoying, and it takes a huge amount of time to beat Dark Mind. Heck, Miracle Matter was harder to me. You fight that ship (quite difficult, actually) and go on to fight Magolor himself.

With Meta Knight, on the other hand, he's a nightmare. Beat him without losing a single HP. This boss wouldn't be too hard if it wasn't for the fact that it had so many phases, even more if including Landia and the Shooting Segment. This guy has devastating attacks, he moves around the arena, he has a ton of health! And the most EPIC boss theme EVER! His attacks are tricky to dodge and do a huge amount of damage! All rights go to their creators.

(ik because I had ice the first time then I died and I had no ability) plus the fact that you have to throw hearts at your allies if they get hit makes this a difficult boss, Kirby as the final boss? If you could actually had a health meter in this game, then we'd all be dead. But I am glued to the awsomeness of zero twos battle. Took me hours to beat him! But I am glued to the awsomeness of zero twos battle. Top 10 hardest kirby bosses 1. NO! I almost beat it with rock kirby but galacta knight killed me when I almost beat him, he is hard becuase that one move where he keeps teleporting and sending shockwaves is annyoing because then you have to throw your hearts if your allies get hit. The only was you can damage him is with the copy ability that he is using (Which you have a VERY limited time to do). The True Arena - Kirby Super Star Ultra. Apologies for the numerous delays on this video; lots of things happened that I couldn't control! I've come very close to finishing it, but this is quite tough. And 02 has two weak points, so you need even more precise aiming. Yea its really hard but so epic from the music to the final cut, I never got passed him, but my sister did, I remember the first time I played this guy I struggled so much and then the second time it only took about two tries, My god when I was playing with my friend when I died the 100th time I got king dedede I like goku my power level was over 9000. In which it is similar to the Nova battle in Kirby super star. Zero Two - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Took me a month to beat this guy.I did beat him later on though.I like orcas but this one just HATES me! A tip for fellow players-USE THE HAMMER.

DARK MATTER TAKES SO MANY FORMS AND CAN POSSES BEINGS such as pon and con, acro, ado, etc. Drawcia Soul (Kirby Canvas Curse) A giant glob of paint with not one, not three, but five eyes large … My goodness, this boss is a pain. He will try to crush you, and when you finally defeat him you have to dodge 3 laser sequences where even one hit will kill you. I hate this guy look up top 10 hardest kirby bosses on youtube. She uses attacks originating from Marx Soul, Drawcia Soul, and Magolor Soul as the ultimate Soul Boss in the Kirby series. You totally can't inhale him then swallow! And after you beat him, as a reward he deafens you with a scream. His attack pattern, no, his pattern altogether is very unpredictable. But it really is a pain to try this fight on 2p mode. However, even with my sisters, I rarely win, and simply because of luck. In Triple Deluxe he is so hard I consider him fought too early.

This guy annoyed me. Oh yeah this ONE boss! How do I become a member?A. It adds a much needed edge to the story and boosts the challenge factor - as well as the satisfaction you can get from beating it.

Why? I'm seeing a TON of Kirby's RtD bosses here. He attacks like CRAZY.

He's not much of a problem with Meta Knight (because you could heal probably at any time you wanted during meta knight's battle with Galacta Knight) but when it comes to the battle with Kirby, once you lose your ability, there's a 99% chance of NOT succeeding at all. He's like a True Arena. He wants revenge and threatens Kirby like hell. Galacta Knight is actually quite easy if you play as Meta Knight. THIS ONE GUY is a pain in ass! But I simply ADORED this battle!

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