Character(s) If you’ve played Titanfall 2, you’re likely familiar with the gauntlet that the game presents you with in its opening moments. Jack Cooper Tai Lastimosa After being neurally linked into a Harmony-inspired training course, the two begin by running through basic maneuver training including jumping, sprinting, wallrunning, sliding and double jumping. This is likely the most insane thing I've ever seen from Titanfall 2. Initially, the record stood at 14.0 seconds, but over time, they’ve been able to work it down to this latest milestone. Lastimosa introduces Cooper to BT-7274, his personal Vanguard-class Titan, and instructs Cooper to call in his own.

After doing so, he has the option to stay at the firing range for a little longer to practice more.

Personally, I like using the arc grenades because I can aim them better but both will take out the two groups of three targets with a single explosion. "BT-7274" This is crucial for conserving ammo before needing to reload and is way easier than aiming at three separate targets. S. Fukuda(mentioned) 10. 107 Facts YOU Should KNOW About VIDEO GAMES!!! Cooper then arrives at the firing range, where he has a variety of weapons to choose from to use on the range. The Militia are arriving at Typhon and Captain Cole orders Cooper to prepare, handing him a V-47 Flatline. BT-7274 4. IMC Marines (Still targets-only) It’s dirt cheap at this point over on Amazon.

Enemies When done with the Pilot's Gauntlet, Captain Lastimosa will finally take Cooper to practice with Titans, the 20-foot tall mechs operated by Pilots. Next mission → amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "cogc-20"; For reasons that seem to defy physics, wall running is the best way to gain lateral speed in Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 is out now and if you're playing the tutorial while the game loads we've got the tips to get you top 3 on the pilot gauntlet leaderboards. Beat Pilot Lastimosa's Gauntlet ghost recorder time. The half-second it takes to switch to a rifle can feel like a lifetime when milliseconds matter and a poorly timed reload can be a death sentence (or at least a reason to restart). The Leaderboard 174,314 views

Now, let’s see if you can do it again.

If you’re having trouble hitting the targets and wall running, try focusing on just getting the best possible time while disregarding the targets. Ideally, you might want a medium range and a short range gun. The start area of the gauntlet, where Jack learns basic jumping and running, Respawn Plays The Pilot's Gauntlet Titanfall 2, Titanfall 2 The Pilot's Gauntlet - Blind Playthrough - EP1. After completing the Gauntlet, the player can review their results and see other Pilots' times. C. Grenier(mentioned) 11. This obstacle course is meant to get you familiar with the mechanics of the game and requires you to kill a specific number of enemies while racing your way through it as fast as possible. Location(s)

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