I don't think I could ever have the level of faith these men did. The book is Elliot's first book, and arguably her most well known work. It's a good story that would have been better told by someone else. "Through Gates of Splendor" tells the bittersweet story of five missionaries. Written while she was still a missionary in South America and at the request of the men's families, Through Gates of Splendor was Elisabeth Elliot's personal account of the final mission of these five courageous men. Very happy I read this!

The book was about 5 American missionaries who were murdered by the hands of those they were striving to teach and convert to Christianity.

Written Elisabeth Elliot, newly widowed wife of Jim Elliot, the reader comes to know each missionary couple personally through their journals and recollections. The earnestness of the five missionary couples will carry readers through slower parts as the book chronicles months of preparation, detailed accounts of attempts to befriend the Indian tribe, and the final climactic moments in which the wives await news of their …

So very interesting. Later, Steve Saint, the son of one of the slain men moved his family from Florida to live with the same Waodani family that had killed his father. True story of 5 male missionaries who were murdered by indigenous people in Ecquador in the fifties. All five of the men were killed by the tribe. Wow. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 304 pages and is available in Paperback format. Once again it goes back to that desire the 5 men had to bring the Gospel to every man. Having said that this was fascinating. A beautifully crafted documentary about five young missionaries who were martyred by a savage tribe of Indians in the mid 1950s and the heroic effort of reconciliation that has followed. This story inspired the 2006 box office hit End of the Spear and is sure to inspire the next generation of servant believers.

It bored me to death, but probably most likely because I am young. It's a good story that would have been better told by someone else. |

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