If you are unable to use steel shot understand … Therefore, a serial number ending in MV indicates the year 2005. You’re hilarious! Want to buy a single issue of Shooting Times, Sporting Gun or Shooting Gazette? I would 100% shoot hp steel through that gun. The Italian alphabet contains only 21 letters, there being no k, j, w, x, or y. Some older Winchester over and under guns may be stamped ‘Winchester Proof Steel’. It ought to become a rule of the Commission Internationale Pour L’epreuve des 
Armes a Feu Portatives (CIP), which is the international organisation of proof houses. staffyspen, CIP has only one standard for 16 ga, and that equivalent to Normal Steel Cartridges, since there are no 16 ga magnum standardized there can be no High Performance Cartridge in 16 ga. CIP hat two different standards for 2 3/4 cartridges: one normal cartridge and one high performance cartridge. Why is the Labrador retriever such a favourite with shooters? By staffyspen, April 10, 2018 in ... You can shoot steel through any modern shotgun regardless of whether it is proofed for steel or not. Where the steel shot diameter exceeds 4 mm, only weapons having barrels with a choke less than 0.5 mm (equivalent to half choke) are to be used. Since 1995 a number presented in blocks of digits presents the information like this: The first two digits identify the maker (for instance, 16 is AYA, and 13 is Lanber). Different countries have different codes.

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