User account menu. I recently spent a hundred + hours completing all the content in Shiren the Wanderer 2 for the purposes of better documenting the game in English, I couldn't He gave me his rom so they are exactly the same, but these do not work on my everdrive 64 at all for some reason.

Not sure what that thing is that you sail around in, but I'll just call it a fish.

3. Just an FYI, the infinite HP code is a RAM type code which constantly writes the value you use into RAM. All opponents and islands look the same, making it difficult to easily navigate the open sea. Abilities must charge up before using them and positioning becomes very important as long-range attacks can be easily dodged. Rather than simply catching monsters, both software and Robopon seeds must be grown in your lab in an electric dirt patch. How do you say Robopon 64?

Nintendo 64: Patching Information: Byte Swapped (N64) Genre: Action > Fighting: Published By: Nintendo: Game Date: 08 December 1999: Patch Version: 1.0: Release Date: 08 September 2017 : Readme: Downloads: 8085: Last Modified: 20 October 2017: EDIT TRANSLATION ENTRY; EDIT GAME ENTRY; FLAG AS NONCOMPLIANT; Share Tweet Game Description: This game is fun. The code only appears to affect the actual number of your HP, and not the bar, but I don't think you die if the bar reaches zero. Probably a different version of the ROM. Riding around in a fish-shaped submarine, players explore a massive a water world defeating pirates in Robopon battles. If you know, please send me a PM with the link.

Even more bizarre is the maintenance required to get more Robopon. Sad news for trading Robopon between the English Sun and Japanese Moon and Star version. Fixed ROM format (BIN/MD, not SMD) - note that BIN and MD are the same thing, this is the correct option for a .md ROM file, Added an Anti Noise patch, because of a review. The translated subtitle, Caramel of the Seven Seas, is slightly indicative of the game’s new content. Add fact !

Did a quick test and it's not working for me. Let me know if it works. Parts and software work exactly the same, although now stores are on random islands sprinkled across the waterscape.

The sounds are alright, they work. The patch fully translates the game to English. Now Playing. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Like the first game, several mini-games are available on your ship that improve certain Robopon stats. Lots of people will come here for the first time to make a code request, and never come back to see if it was filled. Home. Here is part 1 to my 10 Minute 1st Impression on "Robopon 64: Robot Ponkottsu 64" for the Nintendo 64. Robot Ponkottsu 64‘s most drastic change is to how battles play out. number of lives the player has, instead of always being 3. Cheats. Okay, so one of my friends tested on project 64 and says the codes are working for him. While some might think it’s notable for being one of the few N64 RPGs, or even better, a console Pokémon style game, it’s something much stranger than any of that. I'm trying to find a solution here.

Whenever you fight, you enter a real-time 3D battle in a large arena circle.

I feel it’s better than the Gamecube one anyway. A small-winged man named Mr. Brownie, who occasionally appeared to give the player some special items in the last game, randomly drops a ball into the arena that gives the player a quick HP and EP boost. Without any real dungeons and full of menial dirt-tending, it’s another half-finished product rushed out for the holiday season.

Do you remember where you got your ROM from? Close. There is only 1 N64 Robopon game, my rom is also 7tsu no Umi no Caramel, so use that one I suppose. The graphics are also striking for an N64 title. But it’s fun. Add this game to my: Favorites.

The same day the special editions of Robot Ponkottsu hit the Game Boy Color, Hudson released Robot Ponkottsu 64, this time developed solely by Red Company. Main Redux and all other optional patches remain the same from previous version. All times are GMT-5. I even chaged the final 4 digits from 16 down to 12 to see if my health numbers would change, but they didn't.

Without Japanese knowledge, this tends to be difficult, but it’s possible to simply keep purchasing the most expensive items and power level through combats without much thought. Certain strong Robopon have faster charge bars, specifically in the tougher boss battles.

Hacks | Super Mario Bros - Among Us Edition.

I recently spent a hundred + hours completing all the content in Shiren the Wanderer 2 for the purposes of better documenting the game in English, I couldn't have finished Shiren 2 in any reasonable timeframe without the max health and max power gameshark codes I got from this site, so if somebody could help out with Robopon 64 it would be greatly appreciated.

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Robopon 64: Robot Ponkottsu 64 – Review Nintendo 64. I'm having trouble finding the right game. I will report back in the morning when I get a chance to test again.

Will wait for ShellShocker18 to verify which is the right one. Abilities must charge up before using them and positioning becomes very important as long-range attacks can be easily dodged. Write it here to share it with the entire community. r/Robopon: A place for discussing the great early 2000s Atlus game series, Robopon. Robot Ponkottsu 64‘s most drastic change is to how battles play out. ©2005-2020 RHDN 3.0.0 by Nightcrawler. Fun game, good translation with a few bugs to be addressed. I am playing on an Everdrive 64 for the record, though I doubt that has anything to do with it working, as Robopon doesn't need or use the expansion pak. Robot Ponkotsu 64 - 7tsu no Umi no Caramel (J) [!].z64. The graphics are standard N64 polygon stuff (in-battles) and pretty above-average-SNES sprite-work for maps.

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