'member being stuck on tag Jaykae - Hoods Hottest [Music Video] #P110TheAlbum | P110, Polo (9ine) - Hood Hottest (Season 2) | P110, J'Dot - Hoods Hottest (9ine) (Season 2) | P110, Nadz - Hoods Hottest (9ine) (Season 2) | P110, Kash (9ine) - Hood Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Rizzy - Hoods Hottest (9ine) (Season 2) | P110, Robbahollow - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, ET (9ine) - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Hate To Be Seen - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, T Roadz - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Pee Man - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Solja Soulz - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Lou Chubzz - Hoods Hottest (Part 2) | P110, 28Blackz - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Lucky Looch - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, Levz Montana - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110, K2 Cruddy - Hoods Hottest (Part 2) | P110. They're either trapping or robbing but I just wish them well White when I flick my ash Can't you see I've been to hell Only lions and gorillas in the gang I'm going Trevor mad

But I'm really getting busy with the vision and the plan Like, when I'm OT darg gotta stay focused Do 'em as I aim to bring my nigga back I got drillers in the yard and I got haters in the dam Look, seeSee, I've been chilling reminiscing, bitch, put down the phone can you listen?Yeah the pain through the bars that I've writtenI try do good in the life I was givenThat's me and bro in the ding dong whizzingI thank god every day 'cuz I'm living(???) Tryna break a whole keg Grinding till the phone's dead I do the milli rock on any block nigga and the money dance

One of Manchester’s hottest prospects, Zephaniah Cunningham (Born 15th February, 2000), who goes by the name Zeph, Is a British rapper and songwriter hailing from Ashton, Manchester. Well if I jacked you darg then you won't get it back Manchester’s Robbahollow has returned to P110 Music to deliver another cold Hoods Hottest freestyle.. Robbahollow first made his debut on the Hoods Hottest series back in July with a freestyle which has since racked up over 400,000 views on YouTube and we can see just why fans gravitate towards the Mancunian during his newest appearance on the series. she's like luko, my Caribbean crush, my Caribbean darlingBro said he wants revs or styling tryna get both so I ain't left starvingBad temptations all around me, I feel like adam and eve in the gardenI'm outta this league by a margin, they say I've gone clear are either man started?If that's bro I shouldn't ask for a promo, roll with his show love no homo, yoI ride for my fam, not a postcodeYour shit got took, your boy loves to showboatMan, I've been down and broke, mind up, now mans up like yoyoSpittin bars on the ting up polo, I swear imma blow when I drop all my solos, The dislikes are from people who like original lucozade over Caribbean, Nah I didn’t clock this until I listened to it twice, The beat goes so well with his flow, first time hearing this guy and if he’s consistent with it he can defo blow, @HarryVDH19 https://youtu.be/Ok9_-L53rz0 here you go g, The dislikes are from people that are pissed they ain’t from north, Fuck where he's from. Prob'ly got to lose your homie just to know it's crazy how the time goes quick But for now I'm putting Whitney in the pan

Can't rest, won't rest Demzi - Hoods Hottest (Season 2) | P110 by SP published on 2019-02-04T12:06:33Z. If you're hitting themes on the block then don't miss a cell Run up in spots like show me where the reddies at

Been a minute since I visited the fam Middle of December going mad good riddance, they say I've got good bars, say I've got good rhythmsNow I'm in the stew with a Q of the blue like four hours remainingSurvival of the fit like training it's mad, I just wanna tell mumsy I've made itBro said he got import Cali, say less that's foreign exchange no trading, madShed tears when the gaff got raided, they say I'm gonna blow but I've got no patienceTalking out loud talk draining, remember them days when we were Xbox gamingMy own guys snaked me it's madFuck that shit man, I ain't gonna name himWatch out for your people they might be a pagan, try new road because they need more ratingsFuck all the long talk, no time wastingShe wants a sweet boy, bitch I'm basic, lolSome girls say I'm a sweet talker, but the rest of them say I'm stushBrownskin mum with a booty, she wanna get wife but there ain't no rushShe said she want read mans Snapchats, fuck a girlfriend if there ain't no trustCute one from (???)

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