This is a medium-sized bird that is fairly plain olive-brown on

Yet few people have seen shrikes in the flesh. The most notable species are the Hooded Pitohui and Variable Pitohui. Molecular dating suggests the shrikethrushes diverged from the common ancestor of the genus Pseudorectes (their closest relatives) in the mid-Pliocene around 3 million years ago, and that this combined lineage had diverged from the ancestor of the other members of the Pachycephalidae around 5 million years ago in the early Pliocene. In Scotland, however, the bird enjoys the more jovial sobriquet of White Whisky John, due to its slightly erratic, tipsy flight, which reveals its white underparts. In fact, it’s a songbird, albeit with a powerful hooked bill and violent, carnivorous tendencies.
Rufous or Little Shrike-thrush (Colluricincla megarhyncha). Shrikethrushes are generally insectivorous, though have been recorded eating molluscs and berries. All rights reserved. During a study of the toxicity of the genus Pitohui, two specimens of this species have been tested too.

The nest is a cup-shaped structure of dried vegetation, and may be constructed in the same site year after year. In a time when DNA analysis can be performed on a clearly-labelled blood or tissue sample, should biologists still kill - sorry, euthanise - wild and possible declining animal species to provide museum specimens?
Little Shrike Thrush Reveals Its Hidden Diversity. Later, the ‘waryangle’ (little villain or winter angel) is mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Friar’s Tale ‘as ful of venym been thise waryangles’ and it was once believed that the thorns the shrike impales its victims on remained poisonous forever. One of them did have traces of batrachotoxins similar to those found in the secretions of Central and South American poison dart frogs.

In the north, the plumage is predominantly brown, and western birds are grey with buff underparts. Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.
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poisonous shrike thrush

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