After such incidents my belief in God strengthened a lot and as women I seek help from God in every walk of life. God has influenced a huge part of my life and that’s why I am engrossed in religious and spiritual teachings. Trust is a vital part the relationship between God and myself.

My relationship with God and Jesus Christ strengthens through leaps and bounds and an incident changed by entire life. I also make the occasional large sacrifice such as giving part of my annual allowance to a charity. Replies. When I was twelve years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life.

“Personal relationship with Jesus.” Relationship with god. It is just because of the teachings of churches that I have broadened up my vision and now in disrupting situations I seek help from God and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Great job! This reflective essay will cover numerous aspects of the spiritual discipline of practicing the presence, including my original understanding, a significant Christian historical figure, and denomination comparison. While others may not have the ability to prove the existence of God, through another’s experiences, they also cannot disprove this existence. My personal Christian worldview is full of heavy doses of God, and plenty of drizzles of the Bible, and it was born from a combination of how I was raised, my life experiences, and my assumptions. Retrieved 02:46, November 04, 2020, from The beauty of nature an... Continue reading this essay It will bring purpose and sense to many things that are happening in life. Describe Your Personal Relationship With God. This statement outlines the concept of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.

Hmo ( Health Management Organization ) Is A Preferred Provider Organization, Marketing Strategy : The View From A Different Looking Glass, The Writing And Job Prospects Of Accounting, A Profile Of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project. A person’s personal experiences are something that no other person can determine, nor argue. They would insist that I take five minutes of my time at night and call on Jesus while I’m all, and explain how they relate to my own experiences. The love and respect I have for God, as well as His for me, helps build a better relationship. The main example of God's trust in me is His allowing me to have free will and rein over my life.

This typically developed through, My Personal Worldview
Next, I discussed the past and present elements that influenced my approach to spiritual discernment. I was born in South Korea between my father who was skeptical and my mother who was faithful for believing God in the Korean Methodist Church. God will always be there to guide you. Over the course of my life God has been revealed to me through God 's love and grace. MegaEssays, "Relationship with god.,", (accessed November 04, 2020). I spend time daily in prayer, meditation and reading of the scriptures. May 9, 2011.


One of my friend started preaching me and my attitude towards life changed drastically.
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