Her confession about having an affair broke out after her fellow WWE D… If you’d like to find out more about the doc, click here. A new forthcoming documentary titled “Paige” serves to shed some light on what it really takes to tackle gigantic waves by going behind-the-scenes with Maui charger and three-time Jaws event winner Paige Alms. Is This The Best Jaws Barrel Ever Ridden? Paige Alms (born April 6, 1988 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) is a female Hawaiian big wave surfer. And I know that it’s like a lifetime sponsorship. Alms is stoked on these strides but tells Inverse surfing still has a long way to go, especially around media and branding. A few months ago, big-wave charger Paige Alms posted a photo of herself flying down the face of a perfectly-groomed Jaws A-frame. She spent years juggling restaurant and construction jobs to fund gear and travel costs for surf competitions. “When I was a teenager, I definitely noticed it because my image was totally different than the girls around me, the women that were really beautiful and kind of marketing themselves that way.”, At the time, Alms focused on training, improving her surfing, and having fun. The 5 Most Influential Airs of the Decade, The 5 Most Pivotal Moments of the Decade in Big-Wave Surfing, Kerby Brown Defies Death at This Demented-Looking Left. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Alms moved to Maui at 9 with her mother and has been on the water ever since. “I think the problem lies when insecurities are being covered up by posting things of your body behind a screen. In 2016, she became the first female Big Wave champion.

“The industry as a whole has a huge responsibility to step up. “I was always kind of the person that felt totally ok with speaking up for what was right.”. With equal pay and surfing’s forthcoming debut at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, female surfers are riding bigger and gnarlier waves than ever before. Some surf brands like Billabong also sponsor far more male athletes than females and market them distinctly. Alms has always been fearless, with a sunny disposition and desire to take on big challenges. “Are the little girls growing up now going to see the one article out of 100 that’s featuring a girl?”. I’m going to ride for them as long as I possibly can, whereas Billabong is going to use you for a few years and spit you out and be like, ‘Okay, we’re onto the next,’” Alms says.
If they’re not going to sponsor me, someone else will,’” Alms explains. Strzok’s mistress Lisa Page is married to Joseph Burrow and they have young children. But despite that, Alms and other female surfers were receiving a fraction of the prize money their male counterparts were earning. Alms will compete on Canada’s surf team in next summer’s Olympics.

“When you’re strong and confident and want to post something where you’re like, ‘God I feel really good,’ that’s great.”. SURFER has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. She was like, ‘You just go do your thing, you do whatever you want to.’ So I was all about surfing and having short hair, being one of the boys, and charging.”. After pocketing one of the best barrels ever ridden by a woman out at Pe’ahi back in 2015, Alms battled a couple of injuries that she has since overcome by putting in countless hours of training to get back into hard-charging shape and eventually becoming a BWT champ.

She’ll also be featured in the upcoming documentary film, SHEChange, detailing Alms, Bianca Valenti, Keala Kennelly, and Andrea Moller’s fight for gender equity in surfing. “I definitely never dreamt about doing that sort of thing,” Alms says. Along with surfers Keala Kennelly, Bianca Valenti, Andrea Moller, and policy experts Sabrina Brennan and Karen Tynan, Alms helps push surfing into the future through the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing (CEWS).

“I might not get paid as much as Billabong or Roxy might pay me, but I know that I am riding for a brand that has way bigger values. “I was always the friend that would defend situations or friends that were were getting bullied or something was wrong,” Alms tells Inverse. [2], "Paige Alms faces down Jaws to become first female Big Wave champion", Pro Surfer: Paige Alms - World Surf League, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Paige_Alms&oldid=942502609, Canadian expatriate sportspeople in the United States, Sportspeople from Victoria, British Columbia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 February 2020, at 02:01. In the past, surf sponsorships and marketing campaigns have been criticized for focusing on a surfer’s “look” — how many Instagram followers they have, how they look in a bikini, what exotic location they are traveling to — not on their performance. All rights reserved. Billy Kemper is calling this cavernous monster the wave of his life, The latest escalation in the decades-old dispute over access to the exclusive coast, Channel Islands, …Lost and Firewire now offer mid-length models for mass consumption, Revisiting the mythical MLK Day swell from 7 years ago today, Slater’s ridiculous session in Barbados might never be topped.

A new forthcoming documentary titled “Paige” serves to shed some light on what it really takes to tackle gigantic waves by going behind-the-scenes with Maui charger and three-time Jaws event winner Paige Alms. Staying calm during a wipeout is near impossible, even with inflatable vests that keep surfers safer than ever. It’s when these images that you’re putting out in the world that aren’t necessarily you,” Alms says. Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing (CEWS), Pro surfer Paige Alms is using a controversial social media activity for good. Alms speaks up, but she doesn’t push her singular perspective. Alms is well acquainted with all the ups and downs that pop up when chasing a career in big-wave surfing. By advocating for more media and branding that shows the full experience of female athletes, Alms hopes to build a culture that rewards sport performance, not just sex appeal.
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