Teams that produced the most explosive plays in 2018 tended to be very successful. He never coached the players.

If we're looking at the differential, Atlanta is third with +19, behind New Orleans (+25) and Pittsburgh (+20).

CLICK HERE TO WATCH EXAMPLES OF EXPLOSIVE PLAYS IN 2018, Our in game analysis and discussion as Boston College takes on Clemson.

This play had a EPA of .899.

"Football coaches like mentioning them. In a crucial four-week stretch after the bye week, the Packers went 1-3. This is a subreddit for the NFL community. When Aaron Rodgers and the offense played well, the Packers were among the league’s elite teams in explosive plays. One of the things that stuck out in the press conference after the SEC Championship was Coach talking about the lack of explosive plays on offense.

Moving forward, I don't think this changes my opinion of these teams being roughly equal. For the purpose of this Playlist, I went with the most conservative definition of explosive plays, 30 yards on a pass and 20 yards on a run. Those drives included a 60-yard touchdown pass to Ben Victor, a 35-yard Justin Fields run, and a 67-yard J.K. Dobbins touchdown run.

That's a hell of a stat. UGA, Grady Alum, and numbers geek. The Auburn-Florida game on Saturday was bananas. “For us it’s anything over a 12-yard run or anything above 16-yard pass,” Muschamp said.


Is it a 35-yard toss that drops into a receiver’s hands just as he gets a foot in bounds? College Analyst That's not a huge difference in explosiveness rate, but average EPA (which accounts for how successful a play was in addition to just a binary success or failure) tells more of the story. Green Bay ended up on the wrong side of the NETXP differential, generating fewer explosive plays than they allowed in all three of those losses. Watch every explosive play by the San Francisco 49ers' offense in Week 2. Additional Analysis and Conclusions. Otherwise the two teams were mostly equal as Texas Tech's 0.01 average EPA was only marginally better than Oklahoma State's -0.08.

Breaking down Ohio State's explosive play offense. “If we’re doing a good job in those areas then we feel like we have a chance.”. The Packers’ 15th-best NETXP ranking highlights in 2018 just how irrelevant they wound up being despite having Rodgers under center for 16 starts. That is significantly different from how most analytics chart and count explosive plays. This year, the Packers’ hot-and-cold offense averaged about seven explosive plays per game, near the middle of the pack. They finished that season-defining stretch with a -6 NETXP.

Finally, a shout out to SMU coming back to beat Tulsa in three overtimes to stay undefeated with their best team since the early 1980s. Credit to the staff, when they actually do have the offense clicking, and it did at various points of the season, those smaller gains set up big explosive plays later in the game. Coach Smart has replaced his OC and a new OL coach is getting his first season in Athens going. While there, he pioneered many of the statistical analyses we see on TV broadcasts, and his insights helped the Vikings and Packers find advantages during their games.

Explosive passing play (XPP): A completed pass gaining at least 16 yards. Roper will like to see those explosive plays come on third downs and in the red zone.

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