One man was allotted to 750 grams of bread, 550 grams of biscuits, 250 grams of meat, 30 grams of rice, and 60 grams of grain; one liter of wine was shared between four men. improvements in their maneuvers. formed a small raft to hold their arms and clothes, and plunged into the water, holding their swords with their teeth,

27e - formed in 1808 of Belgians and Germans. The ability to convert quickly from one formation to another was critical. The bayonets were disliked by cavalrymen, they were used for digging up the potatoes and 19e - disbanded in 1803 and reraised in 1814 But those of them who served They fought with gusto until the end of battle when they were defeated by Russian P375, [xxiii] Napoleon at Leipzig. . . .

10e Regiment d'Infanterie Légère

1 Marechal-des-logis Chef (Sergeant-major)

141st - 150th Regiments. The 12th, 21st and 127th Line and the 7th Light received 87 decorations (7th, 30th Dragoons, and la Reine Dragoons.) After 1808, the voltigeur company was situated on the left of the line when in combat. and for scouting. . Triangular pennons (61cm x 20cm) were attached to the halberds, red for that to the right and white to the left of the Eagle-bearer. was covered by 'white' fabric covers made of undyed linen. . This campaign formed the basis for the Peninsular War, which was to last six years and drain the French Empire of vital resources and manpower. Those in static garrisons overseas tended to be 800, whilst those with the field army were mainly of 1,000, rising to 1,200 later in the wars.

They also received drums to supplement

regiments's artisans, the enfants de troupe (soldiers' sons carried on the battalion payroll), and any veteran soldiers awaiting At Borodino they even captured a redoubt, a feat never and 240 of brigade."

P391, [ix] A History of the Peninsular War. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In 1815 there were only 7 hussar regiments. The fighting 7th Hussar Regiment

Each company numbered around 120 men. The supply wagon trains following them carried eight days', but these were to be consumed only in emergency. The corps would often follow separate routes on a wide front and were small enough to live by foraging, allowing fewer supplies to be carried. Quality of Napoleon's army. Only hussar and dragoon regiments had sappers (1 sergeant, 1 corporal and 8 privates). .

. his wound dressed, before he ordered a second assault.

These regiments were invariably organised with a central core of pikemen, flanked by two wings of musketeers. The uniform of a fusilier consisted of white trousers, white surcoat and a dark blue coat (the habit long model until 1812, thereafter the habit veste) with white lapels, red collar and cuffs. The more fluid tactics which emerged by the commencement of the Revolutionary Wars required battalions to be able to manoeuvre on the battlefield in lines, columns and squares. Sir Charles Oman.

132e - formed in 1811 from the foreign Regiment l'Ile-de-Re (or French conscripts).

Originally, voltigeurs were to be equipped with the short dragoon musket, however in practice, they were equipped with the Charleville model 1777 and bayonet. For campaign the cartridge box (or rather the large outside flap) Courtesy of Osprey Publishing The heavy cavalry was the shock arm of the army and were big men on big horses. Some regiments were composed of fellows who had a natural longing for a One of the most known cowards was squadron leader of the 5th Hussar Regiment "whose colonel

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