My father and I agreed that Mossberg was the way to go, so long story short, I walked out of the gun shop with a 930 Pro-Series Sporting and the 590 Tactical. Buttstock, Synthetic, Black w/Pad. Firstly, to ensure its smooth performance, Mossberg added an anti-jam elevator to the 590 and twin action bars. Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores. With a full length bottom rail and two short side rails, the 590 Tactical can handle all kinds of lights and lasers. Conversely, the Mossberg variants can differ in barrel length, mag capacity, stock, sights, bore size, and choke options. regarding federal classification of the Shockwave or more information on Mossberg’s family of Shockwave firearms, including the 590M Shockwave, please visit As a first for mag‐fed shotguns, the 590M design features a patented double‐stack magazine constructed with hardened‐steel feed lips, over‐molded steel shell ramps and an anti‐cant, rounded follower to ensure reliable feeding. However, that shotgun is a lot longer than a Shockwave and therefore harder to discretely store, transport, or even conceal under a coat. As a military weapon by definition, it has flourished in law enforcement agencies around the world. I generally don’t shoot most of the people who bother me come in my house. You can get the brace setup for $100-150 if you look around for it, and the standard front bead works just fine if you’re running it that way. Right now it sits in a coffee table in my living room. I have one and replaced my Glock with it as a bedside weapon. They told the FFL that Shockwaves are OK in OK. I’ve seen them for sale at a nearby gun range and store, as well. It should be noted that Mossberg specifically requests the Shockwave not be fired this way in their literature because it’s possible for recoil to force the pistol back into the shooter’s grill. As you might have guessed, the Mariner was built to be the ideal self-defense weapon in saltwater environments.

Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20 Gauge Pump-action Shotgun. Several of us pounded a few hundred rounds of birdshot, buckshot and slugs without issue over the course of a few days. I’m a fan of the 590 Tactical’s adjustable stock, so when I saw that the Mariner has a standard one, it was an immediate red flag for me. Mossberg 590 Cruiser Pump Shotgun 12 Gauge 6 RD 18.5" MPN: 50697. (The instant that a righteous defender presents a Shockwave, all thugs will immediately be tripping over themselves to exit the area post haste which is a positive outcome to say the least.). Of course, this isn’t a slug gun, but I just had to try.

Mossberg® 590, 12 Gauge Pièces. The well‐executed design allows for proper balance with a full‐magazine located at the center of gravity point. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. By offering faster target acquisition, they are a great and safe choice for all kinds of tactical shotguns. The first trip to the range was just as giggly as I’d hoped. He is much shorter than I am and has really short dinosaur arms, but with the FLEX stock we could switch back in forth in seconds without any tools. One such measure is the positive steel-to-steel lockup. Moreover, about 30% of humanity is essentially dysfunctional, and the next 30% to 40% fall somewhere in the category of more or less semi-functional. Next drill he brings it up to eye level and extends it. The ultra-thin rear ring and thin front sight work cohesively to find the target without obscuring the shooter’s vision better than nearly any other aperture sight. Links to actual articles and vids would be much appreciated, in addition to your (collective) experiences. Comparing the 590 to its predecessor, the 500, is no simple task. Shotguns Most people assume…, NOTE:  This week our Media Relations Director and industry friends are in Africa at Fort Richmond Safaris. Still packs a punch and recoil is very tame with either. The barrel on the Shockway is shortened to an unbelievable 14.3". We’ve enlisted them to keep us posted with images and stories of their adventures....…, Maverick Hunter™ Over/Under Recall Notice », New for 2015 Mossberg Patriot in 375 Ruger- GunTalk TV. “I’ll have to wait to purchase one until Oklahoma straightens out the language in its statute regarding, “sawed-off shotguns” for that to happen.”. Repeat. They are wrong ! Model: Flex 590 Tactical; Action: Pump; Gauge: 12; Overall Length: 41” Barrel Length: 20” Weight: 7 lbs. The Mossberg 590 is definitely a reliable gun and a smart buy. Most folks don’t find the course terribly challenging, but it certainly is a good starting point.

I felt pretty good about my sight picture at ignition, but both sailed high left. It will, of course, accept accessories like a side saddle or light mount. The entire length of the gun is only 26.3". It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some are to discount new weapons. I shot the course with the Shockwave at eye level with the Federal Vital Shok buckshot with FLITECONTROL wads. I believe the 590 Shockwave’s real potential will be realized with the addition of the Crimson Trace Laser Saddle.

Yeah and any other gun with .45 Colt or 44spl/mag will be a better choice.

Then I got a little more serious and loosed three rounds of Federal Vital Shok buckshot at center mass of the humanoid target from the 80’s action star position at seven yards.

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