It’s a very enriching city to live in, and that feeds into the creative process. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. “The Giver.” I was a big fan of that book as a kid, and it was great to work with Phillip Noyce, Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep for a minute. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Enjoy! I think those characters are worthy of following and I hope people get a chance to meet them.

However, underneath the candy-sweet exterior hides a ruthless gun-toting vigilante who takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in the world by whatever means necessary. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. Miss Meadows' modus operandi is set in the opening scene, when her stroll is interrupted by a violent guy looking for some action. Beneath the perfect manners and petticoats, Miss Meadows harbours a dark secret. With Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale, Callan Mulvey, Jean Smart. For Miss Meadows, bad behavior is simply unforgivable. For Miss Meadows, bad behavior is simply unforgivable. A story centered on a proper elementary school teacher who moonlights as a vigilante.

She’s a very creative talent and [I’ve encouraged her] to keep writing down her own ideas. I just hope he has a great time. Miss Meadows is a 2014 American black comedy thriller film written and directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins. She always carries a small semi-automatic pistol in her purse and speaks in a childlike, innocent manner. I’ll admit, I’ve been a fan since your “Dawson’s Creek” days so I’ve watched you come into your own as a leading lady over the years. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 or later.
Tell me about working with Karen, because there’s been a flurry of news lately about Hollywood’s lack of female filmmakers and strong female roles, and this movie seems to be a great opportunity for both. is tap dancing down the sidewalk, on her way to another vigilante shooting. See photos: 19 Must-See Movies at the Tribeca Film Festival This Year.

She wrote a beautiful script and was so collaborative before and during the shoot, which doesn’t always happen. Heather, one of her elementary-school pupils. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. A substitute teacher still new in town, Mary draws weird looks from neighbors with her impeccable manners and odd demeanor, but she still has a way with kids, as well as with the town sheriff (James Badge Dale). In the opening scene, she is accosted by an obnoxious man in a pickup who pulls a gun to force her into his truck. Principal photography and production began on August 6, 2013, in Cleveland, Ohio. When she manages to free Heather and struggle with Skylar over her gun, the sheriff, passing by after leaving the church, sees Heather running from Skylar's house as she shouts for help. I thought it was a really quirky story and one that a lot of people could really connect to, along with this character. She lives by herself in a small house and talks occasionally with her mother over the telephone about what she did during the day. The film was released on November 14, 2014, by Entertainment One Films. Directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins. Miss Meadows is a well-mannered teacher/vigilante with a .25 & an agenda. She randomly breaks out in tap-dancing fits, giggles during sex and is head-shakingly frustrating to her neighbors: When one wants to set her up on a date with a dentist and worries that she'll be "an old maid," Meadows replies, "I have no intentions on starting domestication training.". The various criminals that Miss Meadows kills on-screen include a trucker who tries to abduct her at gunpoint in the opening scene, a young man who committed a mass shooting at a local diner, and the town's Catholic priest whom Miss Meadows finds sexually molesting a young boy. I’m happy with where I am right now and the projects I’ve been able to do. This is a sample text, written as a placeholder. The gun club office and pro-shop are located inside a custom built cabin nestled in the woods overlooking the meadows. When he begins to suspect that the woman he finds himself drawn to may be the suspect he is looking for, the sheriff is torn between whether to arrest or protect her. Absolutely! We will not sell or share your personal data with any third party. Did you look to that film or any others for inspiration?

TheWrap at the Robert De Niro-founded downtown Manahattan fest. Personally, I’m a fan of trying to have good manners, but she takes it to a different level, which I find to be kind of funny. [3] The film was released on November 14, 2014, by Entertainment One Films. Investigating the vigilante killings is a local sheriff.

She may have impeccable manners and grace but she is not entirely what … He just joined the “Batman vs. Superman” movie, so do you have any advice for him on joining the Bat-franchise? On the day of the wedding, Skylar kidnaps Heather, one of Miss Meadows's students, from her house, forcing Miss Meadows to go to Skylar's house (wearing her wedding dress) to try to stop him, only to end up a captive herself. When Miss Meadows learns that she is pregnant after a sexual encounter with the sheriff, she decides to accept his proposal of marriage. Miss Mary Meadows is a young woman who works as a substitute first-grade elementary school teacher who enjoys taking long walks in her suburban neighborhood, wearing traditional clothing and tap-dancing shoes. To continue reading for free, provide your email below. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 25%, based on 20 reviews, with an average rating of 4.62/10. Are you going to watch James Van Der Beek’s new NBC show “Friends With Better Lives?” Mary Meadows is as old-school as a linoleum floor and a walking, talking anachronism in every way — from her retro wardrobe to her greeting ("Toodle-oo!")

And can you tell us anything about it? Probably May. If you want to cancel your data, please contact us at Her mother's been dead for years. Miss Meadows is a school teacher with impeccable manners and grace. Meanwhile, Skylar takes Miss Meadows' gun from her purse, aims it at her and asks, "Do you really think you can save the world? I’ve had a wonderful time in my career, and because I started so young, I had the great fortune of working with people older than me. Between this movie and “The Giver” and a couple of other indie movies, as well as an ABC pilot from Richard LaGravenese, your career seems to be undergoing a resurgence. However, the great and violent lengths to which the education-minded vigilante goes are only fleetingly explained through grainy flashbacks. When she's not teaching at the local elementary school or tending to her garden, she's moonlighting as a gun-wielding vigilante, killing her victims if they refuse to repent. © It’s a great interpretation of this book that people have good memories of. The film finds her bucking convention and playing against type as a vigilante teacher who falls for the town sheriff.

While Holmes took some time off to start a family with ex-husband Tom Cruise, the actress is back in a big way, with a flurry of projects on the horizon. When Miss Meadows meets an ex-convict named Skylar, who she learns served time for molesting young children, she begins to fear for her young students' safety. Unknown to everyone, she is a secret vigilantewho kills local thugs who accost her or when she witnesses them committing crimes.
My eyes are a little bit more open, and living in Manhattan has been inspiring, because you’re always around different walks of life. Can't play on this device. Smart TV, tablet, phone and gaming console. Dead All Along: Miss Meadows' mother is really dead-she's been speaking to a hallucination. Unknown to everyone, she is a secret vigilante who kills local thugs who accost her or when she witnesses them committing crimes. Not only did she use her maternal warmth to win the prized role of Brenton Thwaites’ mother in the Weinstein Company’s adaptation of the beloved children’s book “The Giver,” which hits theaters this summer, but she also stars alongside William Hurt and Allison Janney in “Days and Nights,” a family drama inspired by Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull.”, Also read: Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale Start Shooting Indie Movie ‘Tootaloo’. He soon meets and develops an attraction to Miss Meadows due to her old-fashioned clothing and style of speech. Miss Meadows (or rather Mrs.?) Miss Meadows is a school teacher with impeccable manners and grace.

It is eventually revealed that all of the telephone conversations that Miss Meadows has been having with her mother over the course of the film are imaginary. Check system requirements.

It's her party and she'll shoot if she wants to, but both the film and its killer cross between Dirty Harry and Beaver Cleaver's mom are more watchable the more eccentric she is. When I heard “modern day “Dangerous Liaisons,” I thought of “Cruel Intentions.” This one is more centered on elite society in New York. I loved “Cruel Intentions,” but that was more of a younger interpretation. As a young girl, Mary Meadows witnessed her mother's murder in a drive-by shooting outside a local church after attending the wedding of a family friend. From what I’ve seen, I’m so excited – the movie looks so cool! So it’s been exciting and rewarding, and I’ve had a chance to play a lot of different characters than the ones I’ve played before. Once you select Rent you'll have 14 days to start watching the movie and 48 hours to finish it. When will you find out whether your ABC pilot is moving forward? My character has never fallen in love or experienced those romantic feelings before, so it was fun to play that. [2], The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21, 2014. She lives in a way that is of an older time period. However, underneath the sweet exterior hides a gun-toting vigilante who takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in the world by whatever means necessary. Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale Start Shooting Indie Movie ‘Tootaloo’, Tribeca at 13: Film Festival Is Growing Up, but Still Hard to Pin Down, Katie Holmes Joins ABC Pilot From ‘Behind the Candelabra’ Writer, 19 Must-See Movies at the Tribeca Film Festival This Year, Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes – and Colin Powell – Get Down to ‘Get Lucky’ (Video), Nas at Tribeca: 20 Years of ‘Illmatic,’ Minus Homophobia, 19 Must-See Movies at the Tribeca Film Festival This Year (Photos). Callan is so talented. This traumatic incident left Miss Meadows so emotionally scarred that she entered a fantasy world in which she imagined that her mother was still alive, then began to go after and kill criminals whom she viewed as a threat to society.

It exists somewhere between serious character study and satirical fish-out-of-water story, never figuring out which it wants to be. to the car she drives (a 1956 Nash Metropolitan).
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