-- // --> . any object that looked like a fuzzy cloud. They may not be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet, without written permission of the author.

that I use frequently and have found to be useful. %��������� Messier List in Excel spreadsheet - posted in Deep Sky Observing: i am looking for a spreadsheet of only the Messier objects, that includes size, magnitude, and the normal abbr for objects, such as OC, GC, EG, SG... and such. Messier occasionally found objects that appeared comet-like in the small telescopes he used, but which were not comets. Resources | For last year observation, I had made similar list in Excel with slicer o fconstellations, rising time, magnitude. It works

s�u�V�T05~�����owovx�Gb'j�v�y��IQ�T�K�����F�MU�6a[0�-�0&��a^��H�h�4YRyP4أ2���I���. WANTED: RNGC, Messier, Herschel software/databases.

6 diffuse nebulae, : Question 1 - Am i re-inventing the wheel ? ----------- Get astronomical and space gifs via anon ftp from: ------------- ftp.seds.org; spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov; explorer.arc.nasa.gov:/pub/SPACE/GIF| jplinfo.jpl.nasa.gov; crux.astr.ua.edu; garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/gif*; ftp.bdl.fr| ftp.fce.vutbr.cz; ftp.univ-rennes1.fr; ftp.cnam.fr; wwa.com (CCD)| Updates | HST: marvel.stsci.edu:/pubinfo/gif; Clementine: clementine.s1.gov| welcome | - More in SEDS' Astro FTP List:  ftp://ftp.seds.org/faq/astroftp.txt.

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messier catalog spreadsheet

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