[7], Mephisto (third from the right) alongside Faust, Talulah, and other high-ranking members of Reunion watching the devastation of Chernobog, Mephisto is later seen alongside Faust, Talulah, and other high-ranking Reunion members as they witnesses the Catastrophe that struck Chernobog and lay waste to much of the mobile city. Type

Currently, it has been confirmed that he is the one controlling the Hosts. S Wagner devient son famulus - et lui offre une seconde vie, tournée cette fois vers les plaisirs sensibles, au prix de son âme. 294.

At this point, Mephisto noticed that the powdered healing dust from his Arts sticks into Ch'en and correctly concludes that Ch'en is an Infected. [25], Surprised to see Mephisto saving them despite of what he had done during the events on Lungmen, the Phantom Crossbowmen can only accept as Mephisto offers to sing for them as best as his damaged vocal cords could do. © 2019-2020 OwwYa.com.

With such power, Eno exacted his vengeance by forcefully bringing the Infected children who had bullied him under his control and murdered his father by having the children set fire to his own house with his father still inside. ArKnights Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

He heals the wounded while commanding his troops to attack, and can improve their life recovery rate. [20], Later some of Faust's Phantom Crossbowmen reported to Mephisto that his herd is being slaughtered by the Black Raincoats – Wei Yenwu's wetwork squad. [21], In anger, Mephisto asks Faust why he would went this far, which he replies by saying that he is doing what needs to be done, and had the Phantom Crossbowmen take Mephisto somehwere safe, but not Chernobog.

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