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Memetic hazards are a type of information hazard. It's S.E.O. Potential Harms from Knowledge. If you look at the images alternatively for too long (15s-15m) they get stuck in your brain for up to 3 months. Failure to submit to amnestic will merit an administration by force. Stromeyer (1978) called these non-redundant effects.

[Guttural Call followed by ETERNAL silence], I believe that "Pain Olympics", "Lemon Party", and "Two Girls, One Cup" are all memetic hazards. Some will have strong memetic immune systems. I don't have much to add to Aetheric Research's description of a "memetic hazard" - so I'll just quote it:. Click here to edit contents of this page.

As well, inducing the effect with one eye leads to no effect being seen with the other eye. One induction image for the McCollough effect. Want a more general term that also covers individual learning?

A memetic hazard would have to be something a lot less obvious and less likely to come up by accident than “this sentence is a lie,” but the existence of fictional examples (even stupid ones) doesn’t make the concept impossible. On first looking at this image, the vertical and horizontal lines should look black and white, colorless. Peter Richerson: Tribal Social Instincts, Gene-Cul... Matt Ridley: The Cultural Equivalent of Sex. For example, induction with only a red horizontal grating makes a black-and-white horizontal test grating appear greenish whereas a black-and-white vertical test grating appears colorless (although there is some argument about that).

I recommend the publisher use a neutral background, like myself, I like to use a dark gray. A test image for the McCollough effect. Stare at the center of this image for a few seconds, then at the center of the image to the left (with the red background) for a few seconds.

The McCollough effect is a phenomenon of human visual perception in which colorless gratings appear colored contingent on the orientation of the gratings. [11] In 2011 Bedford argued that the "anti"-ME could be explained by existing theories of contingent aftereffects, including perceptual-learning theory. View and manage file attachments for this page. 'Images that break your brain' is kind of a definition of visual art - except that some of those images extend or enhance your brain. Potential Harms from Knowledge. A second induction image for the McCollough effect.

Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. I don't have much to add to Aetheric Research's description of a "memetic hazard" - so I'll just quote it: Propaganda represents a memetic hazard on a national scale. The following report has been demonstrated to carry an Aleph Meta level memetic cognitothreat that cannot be countered by current Foundation technology.

Authorized personnel who do not wish to view this file should close their browsers at this time and submit to a superior for amnestic administration. A variety of similar aftereffects have been discovered not only between pattern and color contingencies, but between movement/color, spatial frequency/color and other relationships. Looking for an image that will break down my brain, clean and oil the parts and reassemble it, this time according to the manual. tips time! After induction, the space between vertical lines should look red and the space between horizontal lines should look green. Authorized personnel who wish to opt out of viewing the file should close their browsers at this time and submit to a superior for amnestic administration.

The effect is also optimal when the thickness of the bars in the induction stimulus matches that of those in the test stimulus (i.e., the effect is tuned, albeit broadly, to spatial frequency). This recent episode of South Park centres around internet memes. Then return to this image. These monitors were popular in the 1980s, and commonly showed text as green on black.

They are sources of culturally-induced harm.

Neurophysiological explanations of the effect have variously pointed to the adaptation of cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus designed to correct for chromatic aberration of the eye, to adaptation of cells in the visual cortex jointly responsive to color and orientation (this was McCollough's explanation) such as monocular areas of cortical hypercolumns, to processing within higher centers of the brain (including the frontal lobes[9]), and to learning and memory. Memes and the Science of Cultural Evolution.

Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab: What is evo... Fiona Jordan: Cultural phylogenetics and macroevol... Nathalie Gontier: The range of evolutionary theory.

One image should show one orientation of grating (here horizontal) with a colored background (red) and the other should show the other orientation of grating (here vertical) with a different, preferably oppositely-colored background (green). [8] This effect may be induced by alternating pairings of gratings in parallel alignment, one achromatic (black and white) and the other black and a single color (say black and red). If the color used was red, then after the induction phase the achromatic grating appeared slightly red. The neo-Darwinian dogma that individuals do not ev... South Park revisits memes with "Faith Hilling" episode, Boosting site traffic with popular images. MEs do not transfer interocularly[1][10] and from this it seems reasonable to deduce that the effect occurs in an area of the visual system prior to V1-4B, where binocular cells first occur. People just liked it better that way. They are sources of culturally-induced harm. Keep looking between the two colored images for at least three minutes. General documentation and help section. The effect is remarkable because, although it diminishes rapidly with repeated testing, it has been reported to last up to 2.8 months when exposure to testing is limited. See pages that link to and include this page. McCollough originally reported that these aftereffects may last for an hour or more. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout).

You will regret it.).

This property led to non-redundant effects being reported by people who had used computer monitors with uniformly colored phosphors to do word processing. This effect is distinct from the classical effect in three important regards: the perceived color of the aftereffect is the same as the inducer's color, the perceived color of the aftereffect is weaker than the classical effect, and the aftereffect shows complete interocular transfer. [8], Explanations of the effect by adaptation of edge-detectors,[1] functional ECDs,[4] and classical conditioning[7] are compelling but may have to be adjusted for the inclusion of AMEs, if the AME can be shown to replicate by independent labs.

Real Memetic Hazard. [12], "Color Adaptation of Edge-Detectors in the Human Visual System", Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, "Do McCollough effects provide evidence for global pattern processing? A set of horizontal and vertical induction grids and a separate set of opposing diagonal induction grids will produce two distinct afterimages when a black and white grid is held normally, and at 45 degrees.

McCollough indicated color adaptation of edge sensitive neurons in lower, A third explanation points to the contribution of, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 19:55. Memes and the population bottleneck theory of huma... William Croft: Modeling language evolution with li... Daniel Dor: Phenotypic plasticity in language evol... Monica Tamariz: The cultural evolution of language, Nathalie Gontier: Applied evolutionary epistemology. Stare at the center of this image for a few seconds, then at the center of the image to the right (with the green background) for a few seconds. Any aftereffect requires a period of induction (or adaptation) with an induction stimulus (or, in the case of the McCollough effect, induction stimuli). [5][6] Explanations appear to fall into three camps.

Tal Dagan: Networks approach to evolutionary dynam... Mark Pagel: The cultural survival vehicle. In the McCollough effect as described above, the induction stimuli are the red horizontal grating and the green vertical grating.

The subject should stare approximately at the center of each image, allowing the eyes to move around a little. [4], McCollough's paper has sparked hundreds of other scientific papers. After several minutes, the subject should look back to the test image; the gratings should appear tinted by the opposite color to that of the induction gratings (i.e., horizontal should appear greenish and vertical pinkish). The McCollough effect is a phenomenon of human visual perception in which colorless gratings appear colored contingent on the orientation of the gratings. Goodbye. Each image should be gazed at by the subject for several seconds at a time, and the two images should be gazed at for a total of several minutes for the effect to become visible.

... Medusa was actually a fairly primitive memetic weapon.

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