>> that is right. and representative jim banks is a republican representing indiana's 3rd district. we have to deal with this comprehensively, in a bipartisan way so that is what i am hoping happens from here.

Current political, social and economic issues are discussed. you wouldn't know it from these pictures, but this used to be a coal mine. find out what's at stake in this high energy reality series. they already have that base of technical knowledge that we will need to translate into the solar industry. the partyre of divisions on our website matteroffact.tv ,. president clinton wanted to go out and talk to people who weren't with her and try to make the case for her. Full Series: every season & episode. he think this area is a quote a big mistake and a quote bad investment.

soledad: you get a look at a ground breaking innovation that could put jobs back in coal country? so you don't know all that money that they are asking forou from emails, you don't know where that mon is going.

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matter of fact with soledad o'brien season 4 episode 42

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