Let's Cope with Bullying Together. 5-10% of people > 40 years old have high grade chondral lesions; location. incidence. This was most likely due to the trauma from my initial knee injury along with the chronic instability I had from my PCL. Is a 2.5 cm central full-thickness patella defect considered small enough for OATS? Care at Community - More Ways to Get Exceptional Care, COVID-19: Care Options, Visitor Policies & Testing.

When this procedure is performed, plugs of cartilage and bone are taken from a healthy, non-weight bearing area of the joint and moved to replace a damaged area. These arthroscopic procedures can improve hip function for mild to moderate cases, where a hip replacement is not needed.

( Log Out /  He said it takes up to 18 months for the grafts to completely fill in and harden. Copyright © 2020 Lineage Medical, Inc. All rights reserved. Your doctor stated it would be difficult to get the right contour but yet he suggesting it now as an option. With OCA, can your own cartilage be used from a non-weightbearing joint? Please take a look at the rest of my blog to see my recovery from this surgery. Duif C(1), Koutah MA(1), Ackermann O(2), Spyrou G(1), von Engelhardt LV(3), Kaya D(1), Willburger RE(1), Lahner M(1).

But at my age, a replacement really isn’t an option. • MACI vs MFX at 5 years • 128 of 140 patients • Continued Superior KOOS Pain Scores and Function Scores for MACI Group ... Long Term OATS vs MFX • Randomized Controlled Trial • 20 OATS, 20 MFX • Lysholm: 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, 15yr • Both groups improved at all time points Tested Concept. In Technique C, healing is initiated by mesenchymal stem cell migration from subchondral bone. This will be performed on my femoral trochlea and patella defects.
A 35-year-old man presents with mechanical knee pain after a fall. Is a 2.5 cm central full-thickness patella defect considered small enough for OATS?

He is to use for at least 2 hours a day for 200 flexion, extension cycles, whichever comes first. With the patella not being very thick, and the shape of the patella, it makes it more difficult to get the transplant graft in there and getting a nice smooth surface with no clefts or divots. It definitely makes me nervous knowing the OCA surgery is going to be very difficult, so I’m really hoping we don’t need to go there.

There have been several high quality studies that have evaluated the short, medium, and long-term outcomes following MACI of the knee.6, 16, 28, 31, 38 Basad et al. My doc has been one of the leading surgeons on this new technique. My three areas of damage (circled in red above) are: 2.5 cm x 2.2 cm defect on the lateral femoral trochlea (slightly larger than the size of a quarter), 2 cm x 2 cm on the medial femoral condyle (slightly smaller than the size of a quarter), and 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm defect on my patella (knee cap).

My doc will cut off a small piece of my tibia (shin bone) where the patellar tendon attaches, move it forward, and place screws to keep it in place. OCA stands for osteochondral allograft transplant surgery.

What surgical treatment would you recommend? A diminished immune response to transplanted chondrocytes is seen in Technique C because the dense cartilage matrix acts as a barrier that limits antigen exposure. Are you able to share his name? Hi!

My doctor is fixing them two different ways. The reparative tissue would best be described as which of the following? The transplanted chondrocytes are nonviable and articular cartilage is gradually replaced by fibrocartilage. That was the size of my trochlea defect which is slightly larger than a quarter.

I think he will be a little more selective in choosing a donor to make sure the size patella & trochlea matches with my knee. This is what my knee will look like on x-ray after the TTO surgery:This will help realign my knee cap so it won’t put as much pressure on the defect areas. It was definitely a difficult decision for me to make, but in the end I trusted my surgeon and his past experience with patients and that he saw better outcomes using MACI for patella & trochlea vs OCA. They sent that biopsy off to a lab.

But I agree with you that it is nice to have a graft that is already formed and hard rather than waiting 18 months for it to grow.
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