Forgot your username? Good luck. Happy new Year, over the break i replaced my snapped kickstart shaft for my LI150 (S3). When I rebuild an engine, I buy an oil seal kit. View thousands of photos, event coverage, tips, tricks and performance mods. Hey guys, I wrote in here a few months ago. Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. Kickstart Not returning to original Position, If you were on a super slow dial up like I am and take half an hour to download a picture and then find it was the wrong size, you would have noticed. Just a thought. Any Ideas? This will be the date that the project you backed ended. I felt tip the clutch and the kickstart axle and rebuilt, just using 1/3 of side casing studs/nuts. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. It started about 5 hours after a rebuild, am I going to have to split the cases? ok you just need a new spring!feel better now? Use a1.00mm gasket on casing as well.

Yes, that's with the clutch cover removed, and you will have to drain the oil out before removing it. Alright, figured it out! So i put everything back together and i got my cr running! I have never heard of your problem and would appreciate if you got back to us after you figure it out. On the external stuff, note there is a hole in the engine case for one end of the spring and a hole in the spacer that goes inside the spring for the other end. The spring was broken ,however the replacement spring has made no difference . This site is not affiliated with Yamaha Motor Corporation. The thickness of a gasket is what's needed to space out the case from the kickstart. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 11, 2012. Yeah, I know! StukaGruppen13 wrote: My kickstart will not return when the case is on tight.

I placed the case on and it springs perfectly, however, when I tighten the screws it binds, and doesn't spring back. Create an account.

I'm embarrassed to say I solved this by realizing the kickstart was ( just) catching on the Allen bolt on the exhaust supporting bracket... literally 3-4 strokes of a file and all was sorted... sometimes it pays to look for the obvious things I guess, ... 4*1*1*1*16. If the camera software puts a .JPG on the end, Stein's software doesn't recognize it as a .jpg jpeg image. My kickstart will not return when the case is on tight. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. It would be nice to see this stuff all get some work. The use of the word "Yamaha" or any specific model designation is purely for informational purposes to assist users of this site and in no way indicate any endorsement by or approval of this site by Yamaha Motor Corporation. The kickstart stays in the down position and has to be pulled up manually. Had same problem, just recently. and will i have to drain the oil before i take it off? I searched the forums with no luck. Is this it just with the clutch cover off? I remeber lining up the dot so i thing its probably that i didnt wind. Its a 2001 motor with a 108cc stroker kit if that matters at all. There is a stop on the engine case and a stop on the internal kicker and when the external kicker is installed correctly, there isn't much that can go wrong. With the cover off - kickstart works properly, put the cover back on and the problem happens again.

There is a large tab that limits the return of the shaft and this tab should be resting inside a small depression in the case. Here is where the strange part starts. Yahoo! The kickstart wouldn't work, its like its not engaging. SOLVED: Kickstart... Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter ; Share on Google+; Share on Pinterest; Share by Email × Question about 1994 Honda XR 600 R. 1 Answer . You will probably find that if you fit the return spring the wrong way round, i.e. In the Primary Drive System the gear on the Kick Starter shaft (#1) moves and engages the Kick Start idler gear (#2) which turns a small Low Pinion gear (#3) on the Clutch Basket. Sounds like you failed to line up the dot on the rachet with the dot on the gear when you assembled the bike. Re: rebuilt kickstart now pedal wont come back up Mike, did you install the return spring 180 out, from the spring bolt? I replaced the kickstart return spring on my rg 150 as the kickstart would not return to the up right position. If either spring end slipped out of a hole, the kicker would behave badly... just like you described. Use a1.00mm gasket on casing as well. Brought a cassette clutch from AF and clutch was not engaging correctly, took of side case and you could see a score all around the cassette case and on the actual kick start shaft itself. Joined: 22 Oct 2011 Posts: 4387 Location: Tega Cay, SC. Kickstart will not return - 1994 Honda XR 600 R. Posted by aazajac on Jun 24, 2009. I have a P200e (1979) that was in an accident, slid sideways and sheared off the kickstart shaft. If you install the return spring, … If spring is good then something else is broken or missing. Anyway, Its probably just a jammed/dislodged tooth on the kickstart gear, like speedfight says ^ Its a 10 minute job, Whip the tranny caseing off and just check. If it started all of a sudden you probably have a broken or loose return spring. I had a similar problem on my GP, when you put the casing back on, you need to push the kick start down and locate it in the bottom of the guide. You say it works properly with cover off. Forgot your password? Here's a pic of the return spring correctly installed. Replaced gasket and it was fine.

If it started after a rebuild, you probably just need to take off the clutch cover and reassemble it right. Many thanks, Sam. 1. '59 Vespa 150. I'd suggest taking the casing off and working the kickstart down and see if it binds, if all ok and it springs back to the stop then check the piston pin is not catching on the main casing or the ramp. I took the case off, and it springs perfectly. Yay! If it simply falls in, there is something wrong - either the opposite end has broken off or has fallen out of the shaft, the spring is broken or you are trying to install it in the wrong orientation.

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