• The National Pledge for schools should be recited on such occasions. No mention is made in the ANC's official history 1 (876) 926-3740-6, Tourism Roundup | Presented by: Andrae Palmer, Arts Page | Presented by: Vanessa Silvera, Copyright 2020 The Jamaica Information Service. Bunting Pattern. the current arms have the motto in Latin (on, apparently, a William R.F. I was a sailor On the Lake Champlain. o 3 parts PANTONE Yellow 18.5 In other variations, the only part of the design that changed was the image in the white circle. 1345 pixels of 162 intermediate anti-aliased shades, bring the total to the John McGhie, 27 March 2005, Historic Suggestion for the Jamaican Flag can be found : Design the clothing coloured as in current Coat of Arms. colours have the same size. was sent an image of the flag, including the • The Flag should be flown on all Government and municipal buildings and offices, on or near the main administrative building, it is recommended that if possible, each day it should be lowered at sundown and raised at 8:00 a.m. • The Flag should be flown on all Government-aided schools when school is in session.

The flag of Jamaica was adopted on 6 August 1962 (Jamaican Independence Day), the country having gained independence from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies.

both the same colour? fly of the flag; the top and bottom triangles are in green; and Bustamante (who was a friend of my fathers) showed my father

But it went to another level     male head with hat, as seen on the site, Ian Sumner, 10 October 2012, This site The Jamaica flag primary colors are black, green and yellow. interpreted it rightly, see previous messages).

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The flag of Tanganyika had horizontal Black depicts the strength and creativity of the people; Gold, the natural beauty of the sunlight and the wealth of the country; and Green signifies hope and agricultural resources. (As seen from, say, a building looking outwards, i.e., the left when facing the building.). prior to independence), so it is no wander that it is not shown

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jamaican flag colors

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