This book was excellent, definitely among the best I've read this year. Students can identify the literary devices in the songs mentioned throughout the book. Standards 8. . But now, having read this raw and wonderful memoir of his childhood . Notes for the Shy and Private Kiddos! He starts with the story of his grandparents, which he goes into some detail about. 7 44 The graphic format was well done. Imagine what life would be like if you grew up not knowing who your father is. Powerful.

I am a advanced reader in 7th Grade.

Utterly phenomenal. Sometimes I get a little tired of graphic memoirs. Some kids don't like to say "I need help" or "I'm sad". His mother is out of the rehab center and now has a boyfriend, Miguel, whom she moves in with. 0000006418 00000 n help you understand the book. It has sections set up for each chapter, including the Prologue and the Author's Note at the end (page numbers included!!!). I'm only aware of Krosoczka's comics -- never have read them but know how popular they were in the library -- but this memoir was a total gut punch and will be for readers who aren't familiar with his work at all. Good job for being an advanced reader!! 0000685042 00000 n Answer sheet is included.

Good job for being an advanced reader!! After you display the poem, and recite it a couple times, they become eager to build the poem using the word cards.

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