Aldesta Hotels & Resorts Properties To log in, just use your email address which you have registered with the association. For photographers that want to experience underwater photography with guidance from a Canon Collective expert and access to their best imaging equipment.

The Turtles are coming to Heron Island! • Poets Cove Resort & Spa - Canada All Turtle Rooms are located close to North Beach and are set amongst Heron Island's ancient Pisonia Forest. At Heron Island, you are not simply a hotel guest, you are a guest of nature – sleeping, playing and exploring a protected sanctuary overlooking the Great Barrier Reef. For more information see our cookie policy. Join us for this magical experience as each year hundreds of turtles return to Heron Island during the breeding and nesting season. Comfortable and compact, these ground-level rooms are appointed with an en-suite with shower and feature a delightful timber deck and outdoor area.

• Harrison Lake Hotel - Canada, Discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. We offer a number of special packages on a seasonal and rotating basis, many timed to Australian national and state holidays. • Harrison Hot Springs Resort - Canada

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