She died 8 weeks after being diagnosed with colon cancer and was cremated. In 1960 Montgomery was nominated for an Emmy Award for her portrayal of southern prostitute Rusty Heller in an episode of The Untouchables, playing opposite David White who later portrayed Darrin's boss Larry Tate in Bewitched.[6].

An inspector for a gas company, he was born in November of 1877 in Kentucky to a Missouri father and a Kentucky mother.38, Coleman S. Daniel was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted as a private in Company A, 15th Kentucky Infantry, US Army, in 1861.

The show became a rating success (it was, at the time, the highest rated series ever for the network).

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Born in Los Angeles, California, Elizabeth Montgomery was the child of actor Robert Montgomery and his wife, Broadway actress Elizabeth Bryan Allen. Montgomery was first married to New York socialite Frederick Gallatin Cammann in 1954; the marriage lasted for under a year.

This was directed by William Asher, her husband at the time. After three years' intensive training, she made her TV debut in her father's 1950s playhouse series Robert Montgomery Presents (1950) and appeared in more than 200 live programs over the next decade. Rebecca Allen’s marital status is given as married, with “0” given for the number of years married.37 Bryan H. Allen is listed elsewhere in Louisville, although his marital status is recorded as single.

The daughter of Robert Montgomery and Elizabeth Allen, she began her career in the 1950s with a role on her father's television series Robert Montgomery Presents.In the 1960s, she rose to fame as Samantha Stephens on the ABC sitcom Bewitched.Her work on the series earned her five Primetime Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations. So knowing he cared more than a little bit about me, I thought 'Whoops, this is really tough a one'.

Coleman S. Daniel and Ellen Wright wedded in the bride’s native Switzerland County, Indiana, on 20 May 1864.44 The daughter of John W. Wright, who represented Switzerland County in the state legislature, Ellen Wright was only six months old when her mother, Ellen (Lowry) Wright, died at age 36. The Irishman enjoyed much success in his adopted homeland, owning grain warehouses which were described as “the most extensive on the Atlantic docks” as well as ships that were “well known in all European ports.” He retired in 188116 and devoted most of his time to an ill daughter. However after that conversation, he did say to me that when it is rewarding and it is good, it is such a high you can't imagine it, and he's right. That same year she also provided the voice of Samantha for an episode of the animated series The Flintstones.
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