Need to Know (quick-start rules) Print. In last month’s See Page XX, Pelgrane’s monthly fanzine, in the ‘View from the Pelgrane’s Nest’ article, there was an update regarding the Fall of Delta Green: “Ken’s manuscript has hit 84000 words, and we’ve done an internal playtest.

Then, we move our focus to something far more […], […] few other games in the genre. Does the May shipping date apply to kickstarter backers as well as those that preorder through the store? Speaking […], […] Skull Island is set in the Vietnam War era, which sets off interesting Fall of Delta Green vibes in my head (not that the movie is Mythos). Got my KS copy today.

Longitude 1:31:53E (1.53134). […] You can read more about it over at Pelgrane’s website, so be sure to head over to your FLGS and pick it up. I am hoping that The Fall of Delta Green, the eagerly awaited book by Hite on DELTA GREEN operations during the Vietnam War, pays more […]. The Rev.

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