This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. The ji combines the dagger axe with a spear. Recently, a contemporary revival in various martial arts in Korea has brought interest into the application of the woldo and its history. A naginata (なぎなた or 薙刀) is a Japanese pole arm that was traditionally used by members of the samurai class. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, 2 in 1 Black Double Bladed Ninja Sword Staff Spear, Anodized Shinobi Ninja Sword with Black Blade And Fitting, 2 in 1 Black Double Bladed Katana Wakizashi Sword Set, 2 in 1 Gold Double Bladed Ninja Sword Staff Spear Short, 2 in 1 Gold Double Bladed Ninja Sword Staff Spear, 28" Full Tang Black Double Ninja Combat Sword With Sheath, 27" Dual Two Tone Full Tang Blade Ninja Sword, 26" Full Tang Two Tone Blade Ninja Sword Set with Sheath, Leonardo Dual Ninja Swords w/ Back Carrying Scabbard, 26" Full Tang Two Tone Blade Ninja Twin Sword with Sheath, 26" Full Tang Flame Blade Fantasy Ninja Sword Machete, Buy 2 - 5

And you love weapons. Illustrations in the 13th century Maciejowski Bible show a short staffed weapon with a long blade used by both infantry and cavalry. You can use it for both practical and self defense purposes. Like most pole arms it was developed by peasants by combining hand tools with long poles, in this case by putting a pruning hook onto a spear shaft. It was used as a military weapon at least as early as the Shang dynasty until the end of the Northern and Southern dynasties. VPO Balawala, Haridwar Road, 248001 The weapon begins as a one piece steel short staff. Detachable Double Bladed Bo Staff Come see the detachable double bladed bo staff on sale at They are widely used in tournaments and in the movie industry because of how flashy and exciting they look when they are spun around. It consists of a dagger-shaped blade made of bronze (or later iron) mounted by the tang to a perpendicular wooden shaft: a common Bronze Age infantry weapon, also used by charioteers. It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants. It was the favoured weapon for men-at-arms fighting on foot into the sixteenth century. Nunchucks are one of the most popular martial arts weapons. Can be sharpened for additional fee.

and get 6% off, Buy 12 or above The Korean woldo was a variation of the Chinese guan dao. Eventually weapon makers incorporated the usefulness of the hook in a variety of different pole arms and guisarme became a catch-all for any weapon that included a hook on the blade. Smelting provides a better return if you have a high level of mining. The elephant warrior used the ngao like a blade from atop an elephant or horse during battle. 440 Stainless steel blades (sharp, but not razor sharp). Besides, historical accounts of the Three Kingdoms era describe Guan Yu thrusting his opponents down (probably with a spear-like pole arm) in battle, not cutting them down with a curved blade. [19] It was popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. With a twist of the ring switch the staff comes apart to reveal two short swords. and get 3% off, Buy 6 - 11 This made polearms the favored weapon of peasant levies and peasant rebellions the world over.

Buy product, Windlass Steelcrafts As the name suggests, everyday carry (EDC) weapons are those that you can easily take with you on the go and that help you with various tasks.

The ring switch securely holds the blades in place when it is used as a staff. Wielding the woldo took time due to its weight, but in the hands of a trained soldier, the woldo was a fearsome, agile weapon famous for enabling a single soldier to cut down ranks of infantrymen. There is no reason to believe their pole arms had curved blades on them. ", "This sword is awesome. [14] Occasionally glaive blades were created with a small hook or spike on the reverse side.

The sword is the definition of resourcefulness and surprise. This is the Black Double Bladed Ninja Sword, the ultimate weapon of the Ninja.

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