If you are looking for a great fishing destination in the cooler months, check out the southern stretch of these waters known as the Upper Deschutes. About Us Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing was established in the early 1980’s, outfitting fishing trips on the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes river for native redside trout and steelhead.

We are honored to have such a mighty river to call our office, and proud to continue the great tradition that is fly fishing the Lower Deschutes in Central Oregon.

Those latter fish, including giants from Idaho’s Clearwater River that can hit 20 pounds, tend to temporarily inhabit in the lower miles of the river and then will back out of the Deschutes when cooler weather arrives in the fall and continue their inland migrations. Fall sees occasional BWO hatches which can bring fish up in the eddies. Water temperatures will determine when the Salmonfly hatch begins, but usually Mid-May is a good time to count on the hatch. Besides the steelhead, the Deschutes also is home to some of Oregon’s other famous anadromous fish. Most anglers drift this stretch but Jet Boats are allowed here too. It has changed some of the usual patterns in the fishery and local anglers have had to adapt while they continue to try to encourage officials to tweak the water releases. Guided fly fishing on the Deschutes River is our specialty. What are the main hatches and flies on the Lower Deschutes? Towering walls, basalt pillars reaching tabletop rim lines, multi-layered caldera ridges, archetypal high desert terrain, diverse birds and wildlife, and all the while an ancient, powerful river tugs at every synapse you possess. The spirit still breathes through the canyon in every afternoon zephyr. Here is our list of our favorite things to do on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. The redsides here aren’t the largest in the state (see the Williamson River for that), but they are numerous and fierce fighters. Rainbow and Brook Trout as well as healthy populations of Mountain Whitefish call this river home. As fall arrives, caddis hatches get even better with giant October Caddis and tiny micro-caddis always in the drift. The Lower Deschutes has been a must-fish destination for generations of anglers from around the world.

Enjoy Drinks & appetizers on the patio of Anthony's or Greg's Grill. The temporary residents really boost the steelhead numbers in the lowest river miles. September and October usually are best for this run. The Fall is a good time to fish the middle river again.

View flyfishersplace’s profile on Facebook, View theflyfishersplace’s profile on Instagram. Swim/Wade in the water at the Farewell Bend park 3. Click this link for a full description of the Deschutes River.

Fall Chinook salmon fishing is open under permanent regulations from Sherars Falls to the mouth, again with most of the action close to the falls where bait-fishing is permitted. Fall sees occasional BWO hatches which can bring fish up in the eddies. The Fly Fisher’s Place, Inc offers guided walk and wade fly fishing trips to this area. Water draws for irrigation can make this reach tough starting in late spring and may move action to deeper pools. (Find more on that in our article, Fly Fishing the Deschutes River Salmon Fly Hatch.). Coho salmon fishing is open here, but these mid-sized salmon are more of an incidental catch for people targeting the larger and more numerous fall Chinook during September and October. The great thing about the lower 15 miles of river is, even fish coming out of the Columbia that are actually headed to other Columbia or Snake River tributaries use the Lower Deschutes for comfort for a few days or even several weeks before heading back out to the Columbia River to continue the migration east. The river fishes wonderfully all the way till the short, frigid days of winter descend. All Redbands over 13” must be released and there is no bait allowed on the entire hundred miles of the Lower Deschutes. The season runs from June to the end of September. You will be surrounded by the breathtaking landscape and clouds of stoneflies while fishing for redband trout and the mighty steelhead. In fact, author Jay Zimmerman in The Top Ten Guide to Fly Fishing rates Maupin as the third-best fly fishing town in the entire U.S. Sit on a bench and watch the swans - from Pioneer Park 9. A great day float can be done on the river from Beavertail to Mack’s Canyon. The most famous stretch of this magnificent river, known as the Lower Deschutes, starts just North of the town of Madras and flows 100 miles north to the confluence with the Columbia River. Road access is excellent but a drift boat makes it possible to fish across the river to gain better access to less crowded waters on most days during the heart of the run. Many of these canyons are a birders delight with frequent sightings of raptors and songbirds. We feature the Deschutes prominently in our article, Best Fly Fishing Rivers in Oregon. Throughout the day you’ll drift nearly ten miles, stopping along the way to fish and eat lunch.

As detailed on this page, the Lower Deschutes is a big, complicated fishery. Downriver about six miles from Maupin, the White River comes off the eastern flank of Mount Hood and adds silt to the main river when it carries glacial melt in the warmer months, making fly fishing more challenging in cloudier water. It is famous for the native, genetically pure rainbow trout, known as “Redbands”. We also offer a scenic jet boat trip with beautiful scenery, exciting whitewater, wildlife and a great lunch at our private lower river camp. Some of the basic information listed below in this article will link to other sources of free information with more depth.

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