[On the bridge with Hopper discussing how to track the aliens] [as the Missouri's guns swing to bear on the alien ship].

That would be incredibly, incredibly bad. Battleship movie plot holes and absurd quotes in a fun '100 Things I Learned' format. Old Salt Navigator: Sir, are we really firing on Oahu? Look at him right in the eyes. Old Salt WO: Are you ready to play with the big boys? Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord: He's definitely concussed. Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes: We've ended up in a department run by some kind of Donald Trump-Mike Tyson mutant combo. "Based off the board game Battleship." https://www.quotes.net/movies/battleship_quotes_113063.

Old Salt WO: [as Raikes enters the Missouri's fire control center] Been working on a destroyer, haven't you? Which, come to think of it, is the stupidest thing to do when there is what, at the time, was a localized threat. Those evil monsters! Hey did you turn on the shields? ". Other mistake: When Alex Hopper is being tasered and arrested for robbing the convenience store, you can see his shirt is almost clean on his back. You're a very smart individual, with very weak character, leadership and decision-making skills. You can unsubscribe at any time. Or they'd find us.

The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano. What are the best Battleship quotes? He said one day, either we'd find them, or they'd find us. Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: Right now, you're going to acquire that courage, or else I'm going to break my steel leg off in your ass. Yes, we do.

Old Salt Navigator: Oh brother, somebody gonna kiss the donkey! You went from enlisted to an officer faster than anyone in the history of the United States Navy, and I have never, ever seen a man waste himself better than you. Replace all of that with 30 more minutes of fighting the aliens and you might have a good movie. Design and text © 1996 - 2020 Jon Sandys. It would be an honor to have your permission to marry her...", Admiral Shane: "Prepare to fire! [on the bridge with Hopper discussing how to track the aliens] Trivia: The missiles fired by the alien ships are the same shape as the pegs in the board game. [as the Missouri prepares to fire on Oahu]. If you'll excuse me, I'm late for lunch. Our last ship was just sunk, and we barely got off it. Aliens will take great pains not to harm children or anyone who is unarmed. You've got skills, but I have never, EVER seen a man waste them like you. Captain Yugi Nagata: Correct. Admiral Shane (to Alex): "What is wrong with you? The alien ships are easily destroyed when hitting a satellite but somehow can smash into the ocean and be undamaged. Crew member: Sir, which weapons?


Alex Hopper: We are going to die. Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes: Awesome!

[a square shows a large displacement of water from the buoy's measurements], '' Oh brother, somebody gonna kiss the donkey.

Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: Go. Alex Hopper: It was an honor serving with you, Captain. Lose the soccer match. And I don't think they can handle it either, sir.

Whereas in previous movies, aliens would gently land on earth with their flying saucers, modern aliens need to smash into the planet like intersteller bullets. The aliens in this movie are the dumbest of any movie...ever. My dad said they'd come.

I'm fine, I don't need your help. "Battleship" is the story of two brothers who join the US Navy, one, Stone Hopper, who chooses to follow in his father's footsteps, and then there's Alex Hopper, or simply addressed as Hopper because, "When asked, he would cavalierly explain that "Alex" was a …

Battleship is a 2012 American Alien invasion science fiction action film loosely inspired by the classic board game. Sir, please! Yeah, I kept thinking "leap frog." Advanced search. Keep the ship out of the surf and spray... Alex Hopper: [interrupts Admiral Shane]... or you'll plunge to destruction. During ceremonies and celebrations, it is permissible to wear pins, ribbons, and other items as a show of respect or support. We need to find a way to destroy that communications relay.

Lose the back story between the slacker and the admiral's daughter. Because Transformers was popular, throw some of that into an unrelated Hasbro board game. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano. [the John Paul Jones turns away from the alien ship]. ?, Hepburn: Uch? Copyright © Fandango. Captain Yugi Nagata: I can't believe that worked! Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord: Hard a starboard, aye, sir! Admiral Shane: I'm far more aware than you of the need to get inside! The films feature a who's-who of A-list talent from Liam Neeson, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Sacha Baron Cohen to Elizabeth Banks. Now, set grid formation. That's not what that means.

Discover and share Battleship Movie Quotes. [a square grid appears on the monitor, and each buoy is in the center of a square] The alien ships hop on the water like giant frogs. Title Card: It was known as The Beacon Project.

Alex Hopper: It was an honor to serve with you, Captain. Find all lines from this movie. The best quotes from Battleship (2012). Answer: They appear to be versions of a Hawaiian lei. [All NOAA data from buoys is displayed] What are they, and what do they represent? Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.

Maybe they watched Independence day and war of the worlds. Commander Stone Hopper: Bonson, come here. Title Card: In 2006, NASA built a transmission device five times more powerful than any before it, and a program to contact the planet began. Super advanced aliens basically catapult bombs at you; if you just move out of the way they will miss! https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Battleship_(film)&oldid=2831176, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, We take great pride in honoring the many men and women who demonstrated exceptional gallantry in the face of overwhelming enemy force. We manually review every incoming submission.

They are of several different designs.

Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Binge Guide: 5 Things to Watch If You Love.

Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Cal Zapata: [gets up] Acquiring courage... acquiring courage... [while Sam is trapped in the car, an alien soldier approaches]. Aliens will take great personal risk to rescue one of their own, without actually attempting to kill any human soldiers. Wanna clarify? Even Iowa will be affected when an alien spaceship crash lands on earth. Lose the mini market break in. The Naval ships are forced into an epic showdown as they battle the evil invaders in an effort to save humanity. I think I'll have a chicken burrito. With about 20 minutes left in the movie, after they show them carrying the shell to the 16" gun, they show the gun barrel being raised to firing position and then being loaded and then fired.

There's one right over there. He said he can get you a construction job. Valor and courage were exhibited by so many... that I cannot honor them all. All rights reserved. Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord: [referring to the aliens] I tried the helmet on, and the helmet is basically extreme sunglasses, along with some hydration and some oxygen saturation, and some other stuff that I don't understand, but we took Penelope to the beach one time, which was a terrible idea. Apparently anyone can be an officer in the Navy with no degree and a felony charge on their record. No, negative. We need to get in there-! ", Petty Officer Raikes: "My dad said they'd come.

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