And please don't joke that this is an expected behaviour because it's not! If not, which eGPU would you recommend for VR with the new Macbook Pro 16"? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. People buy Macs because they work when asked and keep working, and the way they are intended to.

Have also disabled Turbo which keeps CPU temps a bit restrained when doing more taxing computing but obviously at the expense of performance. Also the VEGA one have 4GB so if you do 3D then 8GB of VRAM will make it easier; Edit : to someone who removed comment. AMD's cards are very competitive on price/perf and perf/power-consumption with the RDNA series. (Scenario: Clamshell, USB-C to DP, 2560x1440, 60Hz).

The new 16" MacBook Pros were just announced and I'm trying to research the difference between the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory that the new models offer compared to the AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 that was offered in the previous generation.

Double cache will also make it faster to render stuff etc - Should ends up being even 50% faster in some cases. It impacts my productivity a lot but is still much better than having kernel_task using 1000% of CPU and having everything ground to a halt... One thing I would like to confirm though: I see that a lot of affected users are using 5500M with 8G of RAM, which is the case for me as well. Promised link here: Idle 2D clockspeeds sticking at max on multimonitor setup.

Thank you.

I'm using Samsung HDMI to USB type-c adapter btw.

I tried both with the primary intent of gaming. AMD has to do something with it. (Its last high-end card, the Radeon VII, was still using the company’s old GCN architecture.) So I would say almost as good as 1660ti.

AMD needs to update its drivers, it has already been half a year and nothing changes! It may not display this or other websites correctly. Apparently the Apple community thread pointed out that the ultimate solution would be to actually use an eGPU, which I believe doesn't make sense for most people. But benchmarks/games on macOS are showing decent improvements with the 5500m. I literally bought the 15" because off all the rumors of a new laptop coming out and being announced not working out and I was leaving the country soon. With laptop screen closed GPU draws 5-6w idling and fans stay at base speeds 1700-1800 and temps below 55 degrees Celsius (ambient temperature 25 degrees Celsius).

About to pull the trigger on an i7+5500m8GB. As soon as i connect an external Monitor to the Macbook (open lid) it gets realy hot and the fans start to get loud, even in idle system state. Is AMD every going to update the drivers for the macbook Pro 16"??? The 5300m is no slouch, but the 5500m does indeed perform better in my experience. ... performance even between the 4 GB 5300M and the 8 GB 5500M is minimal.

Please fix it, it's very annoying! The 5300M has 20 (RX 5300 has 22 as well, Radeon Pro … I have the same problem. I was observing Macbook sensors data via iStat Menus with several configurations and it looks like below: All the connections have been done directly via USB-C connectors without any dongles. Very useful info. It compares favorably against the GTX 1650. Furthermore, when I'm opening 4k video on Chrome using my single Macbook screen, GPU power usage is ~11W which is still way better than with lower resolution external display connected doing absolutely nothing! I have the exact same issue as others and am really hoping AMD/Apple address it soon (driver updates seem to be a common suggestion, hopefully it's not a hardware thing) when using any External Monitor.

BUT, we’re at the end of this generation. Very annoying to have this in a laptop with such high pricing.

So, if you care about running multiple monitors while keeping the machine relatively quiet, then you probably should have invested in a dGPU that is up to that task, like the 5600M. Edit: the answer to your question is “it compares poorly”, hence the Quest suggestion. Gta 5 is a triple-A game which makes it one of the most horse power-hunger game in the market.

Benchmark your GPU here. My 2019 16" Macbook Pro is literally louder and hotter than my 2013 Macbook Pro 13" with integrated graphics with the exact same monitor plugged in. Although AMD didn’t have much to say about the pricing of the RX 5500, its presentation gave us a couple of clues. BSOD caused by AMD 6400 series graphics card? Macbook Pro 16" laptops with the 5300M and 5500M dedicated GPUs run with Radeon High Side at 20W when connected to an external monitor. Whilst the RX 5300M and Radeon Pro 5300M diverge in the manner you describe, the RX5500M and Radeon Pro 5500M are listed by AMD as having the same performance in TFLOPs. I also tried to use the original 4K resolution without scaling but it still didn't work. Such stress cannot be sustained over time and I am concerned about the longevity of this computer- This Mac was supposed to be better than my 2015 Mac in every way, but instead I am sad to say it simply makes me want my old 2015 Mac back again- Customers should not need to hack a $ 3000 MacBook in order to simply get it to run at a reasonable temperature and volume, but whilst there is no solution or ownership from Apple or AMD we are forced to seek our own solutions- As a long-time Apple fan and loyal customer, I trust that Apple and AMD can solve this problem and restore my confidence in Apple products, SUPPORTING IMAGES, Thank you for working to solve the GPU issue, I am happy to answer any questions or participate in user testing.

MBP16 2.3Ghz 8-Core Intel Core i9 32GB RAM with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB. I got the 4 GB version without any hesitation. And tb3 to usb3.1. Prolonged gameplay was not an impacting factor for either card. Based on 1,008,488 user benchmarks for the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M and the Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 649 GPUs. It is a very annoying problem. It’s probably way too power hungry to fit inside of a MacBook Pro... but... nobody has announced a machine that will use it yet... and the new 13/14” MacBook Pros are around the corner, so the 16” might get a little performance bump as well. So you ok with windows, fine. Now Radeon High Side is constantly ~10W and everything is fine again. Windows is incompetent.

AMD Radeon Pro 5300M Gta 5 Overwatch Here is a thread with over 2300 replies about this WIDESPREAD problem: The reason AMD wasn’t willing to provide pricing or availability details for the upcoming graphics cards was because it said it currently has no plans to produce its own reference designs. I've seen split opinions, that the 5500m (4gb) will have much higher thermals and therefore throttle, giving similar or even lower fps than the 5300m, some people have swore that 5500m (4gb) is at least 20% faster in games. This is a very fundamental issue which would have been quickly identified by any user after several minutes connected to an external monitor. Unfortunately, AMD didn’t offer any pricing or exact release date details for the new cards.

and what are your thoughts? Fans speed start increasing to between 2500-2800 while no activity is being done on the laptop. With the laptop screen open and external monitor connected, using chrome, and a code editor, the MacBook it's overheating with fan activations and overall high wattage consumption. I've seen split opinions, that the 5500m(4gb) will have much higher thermals and therefore throttle, giving similar or even lower fps than the 5300m, some people have swore that 5500m(4gb) is at least 20% faster in games. From my research this seems related to AMD card locking higher memory clock speeds when 2 monitors are being used even if no demand is being required from them. Their reputation has been damaged because of Apple. AMD has to take care of it ASAP. but I don't know if it is worth to get the 5500M with 8Gb. It compared the performance of the new GPU directly against its previous-generation RX 480 (which launched at $269) as well as Nvidia’s GTX 1650 (which launched at $149).

In terms of GPUs? Maybe the RTX 2060 is kinda close? You wanna tell me that it's normal that 3072×1920 Macbook screen is 3 times less heavy on discrete Radeon GPU than 2560 x 1440 DELL monitor which has much lower resolution?

If you edit videos or render you will not notice big difference, that's because you have HBM memory (it's way faster than GDDR6 : like 220gb/s to over 500gb/s for hbm). The 5300M is superior to the 560X and since you do a lot of video and photo editing, graphics performance is more important than cpu performance.

Batterylife is also cut down in half with a 2. monitor! Comparing with an RTX 2080 Ti is a mute point for many reasons, one being the thermal envelope, another being the ludicrousness of the 2080 Ti in the price/performance ratio aspect. BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK.

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